Find a research supervisor

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is a major Israeli center for teaching and research, and as such - Strives to improve its global standing as a leading research institution to become a point of pilgrimage for researchers and students from all over the world. Scholars@BGU makes it easy for you to identify potential research supervisors who'll help you take this next step in your academic career.

Search by name
1. If you are looking for a specific person, filter your search by choosing "people" from the list and simply enter that person's name into the search box.
2. Once you find them in the search results, click their name to reach their profile page.

Search for people by research area or keyword

When searching by research area or keyword for Ben-Gurion University of the Negev scholars, you are most likely to find more than one researcher in many fields. Scholars@BGU helps you find the ones you need.

1. In the homepage search box enter the research area. In the exapmle bellow we've searched for "autism".
2. In the search results, click on the "people" link in the grey filter box on the right. The filters will change. Choose "Faculty members".
3.Click on one of the names to see their profile page and learn more about them.

How to refine your search

If you know that you're interested in working with a specific department or research institute, Scholars@BGU also classifies scholars by their organisational unit.

1. In the homepage search box click on the right arrow to see the different filters.
2. Choose your desired category. In the example we've choosen "Research".
3. Click on a search result in the list or use the additional filters in the right grey box.

Understanding a scholar's profile

There's a profile page for each scholar listed in Scholars@BGU. A scholar's profile page contains more information about their scholarship and work.

At the top of the page, the scholar's name, position, and contact details are shown.

In the centre of the page, information about their work and interests is shown.

To the right of this area, you'll find links to visualisations of an scholar's work. These visualisation tools show you an overview of an scholar's work at a glance: