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Perry, Zvi Howard


Dr. Perry graduated from Ben-Gurion University, Israel. He has done his residency at Soroka University Medical Center in General Surgery. He has a M.A. in Educational Psychology, and PhD. in epidemiology.
He did his research fellow at Tuft New-England Medical Center in the Surgical research lab, under the supervision of Prof. Shikora. These days he is doing his fellowship in Bariatrics at McGill University Hospital.
He is a senior lecturer at the Ben-Gurion University, where he has been teaching Epidemiology for the last Decade.
He is also active in promoting general Bariatrics at the state level in Israel, and is a member of the Israeli surgical society, and of the Israeli Endoscopic Society.
His academic activities include improving health quality measurements in Israel, as well as being a part of the Clalit HMO simulation center for the surgical professions.

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