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Shvarts, Shifra


  • The ideological, political, social and cultural roots of Israel health system during the pre-state period (1838-1948) and the early years of the State (1948-1960); The changes in the health system that took place in the State of Israel following independence. These studies produced three scientific books in Hebrew and English that received the Einhorn Prize for Hebrew Medical Literature.
  • Israel and health policy in a global era : A research into the operations of international health and welfare organizations in Israel (UNICEF, WHO) and the State of Israel’s operation within these organizational frameworks.
  • Ringworm and irradiation- the ways various countries in the world, including Israel, have grappled with latent negative health risks and other ramifications of irradiation in childhood as a treatment regime for ringworm, and subsequent social aspects of this treatment that have arisen, reflected in legislation of a Compensation for Ringworm Victims Law by Israel and debate elsewhere over how best inform former patients and monitor them.

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