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Sagi, Amir


Professor Amir Sagi began studying crustaceans during grad school. since than he has become a world renown specialist in crustaceans physiology. Amir Sagi's research has led  to the discovery of unique aspects in crustaceans developmental physiology having numerous biotechnological application .

Our research on the reproductive physiology of crustaceans is focused on biochemical and molecular aspects. One of the main discoveries made is the existence of a unique insulin like peptide regulating male differentiation in crustaceans named Insulin like Androgenic Gland hormone (IAG). 

Our research on the growth physiology of crustaceans is focused on biomineralization in crustacean. biomineralization is matter of life and death for crustaceans since its responsible for protection by cuticle hardening. the crustacean species we study such as Cherax quadricarinatus live in freshwater habitats having a low calcium concentration, calcium is the main mineral used for mineralization. therefore these freshwater crustaceans  have developed unique strategies of to deal with this vital matter.

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