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Jelinek, Raz


Raz Jelinek is the VP and Dean for R&D at Ben Gurion University. He is the Carol and Barry Kaye Chair in Applied Science at BGU. His research is highly multidisciplinary, and has yielded more than 180 scientific publications, and 12 patents. Research in the laboratory of Dr. R. Jelinek spans nanotechnology, surfaces and thin films, sensors, and biological membranes. The research activity in the laboratory has a certain applied-science emphasis, with several patents awarded/submitted. Current projects focus on self-assembled functional Au coatings in 2D and 3D through the use of a novel Au precursor; construction of organized structures at the air/water interface; amphiphilic carbon dots for biological applications; development of chromatic sensors for biological and chemical molecules based upon polydiacetylene – a unique conjugated polymer; and membrane interactions of amyloid peptides.

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