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Puzis, Rami


Dr Rami Puzis - Senior Lecturer, BSc Software Engineering, MSc Information Systems Engineering and PhD topic on Deployment of Distributed Network Intrusion Detection Systems. He has worked as a research associate in the Laboratory of Computational Cultural Dynamics, University of Maryland. His primary specialization is in the area of complex networks analysis with applications to cybersecurity, social and communication network analysis. He has been the principal investigator of a series of research projects funded by Deutsche Telekom AG, Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israeli Ministry of Economy, and several leading cybersecurity industries.

Topics of interest: 

  • Complex networks (centrality, community detection, classification, alignment,...)

  • Cyber security (netcentric security, STIX, EDR)

  • Machine learning (applications of deep learning to network data, encrypted traffic analysis) 

Lately also looking at Blockchain and Future Internet Architectures.   

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