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Braun-Lewensohn, Orna


Orna Braun-Lewensohn is an Associate Professor at the ‘‘Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management’’ Program at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel). She received her Ph.D. at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Brussels in 2007. Her major research interests include mental health outcomes and coping during or following stressful events. The focus of her research is personal as well as communal coping resources in different cultural groups. Her theoretical perspective is the salutogenic model of Antonovsky and the coping theory of Lazarus & Folkman. She is considered an expert in this field. Recently, she was funded by The Israeli Science Foundation (ISF) for her study: Is salutogenesis a universal construct? Understanding sense of coherence within an indigenous culture. Other main funding resources are Israeli Democracy Institute, Peres Center for Peace etc. She publishes extensively in journals such as: Current Psychiatry Reports, Anxiety, Stress, & Coping, Community Mental Health Journal, Journal of Adolescence, Journal of Positive Psychology, Social Indicators Research etc.

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