The diagnostic performance of the beta-glucan assay in the detection of intra-amniotic infection with Candida species Academic Article uri icon


  • Introduction. A bioassay based on the detection of beta-glucan, a constituent of the cell wall of fungi, has been successfully used to diagnose fungal infections in a variety of biological fluids but not yet in the amniotic fluid. Objective. To determine the diagnostic performance of a beta-glucan bioassay in the detection of Candida species in the amniotic fluid. Methods. The study population comprised women who had a singleton pregnancy without congenital or chromosomal abnormalities, who experienced preterm labor or preterm prelabor rupture of the fetal membranes, and who underwent transabdominal amniocentesis for clinical indications. Samples of amniotic fluid were cultured for aerobic, anaerobic, genital mycoplasma, Candida species and assayed for beta-glucan using the (1→ 3)-beta-D-glucan- specific Limulus amebocyte lysate test (beta-glucan assay) in all cases. Amniotic fluid …

publication date

  • December 9, 2017