Mapping soil health over large agriculturally important areas Academic Article uri icon


  • Soil health deterioration due to intensive agricultural activity is a worldwide problem. To better understand this process, there is a prime need to map soil health over wide areas. This paper aims to quantify soil health in a spatially explicit manner over a large area using soil health indicators. The methodology includes sampling design, autocorrelation analysis and Kriging interpolation. The following variables were measured from vertisol clayey soils: aggregate stability (AS); available water capacity (AWC); surface and subsurface penetration resistance (PR15 and PR45 respectively); root health (RH); organic matter (OM); pH; electrical conductivity (EC); cation-exchange capacity (CEC); exchangeable K; nitrification potential (Np); and P. Stratified random sampling was found to be a more efficient method than random sampling for representing a large area with a limited …

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  • January 1, 2015