Nonradiative energy transfer in Nd:YAG - evidence for the correlated placement of ions Academic Article uri icon


  • The use of donors and acceptors in new solid-state laser materials such as neodymium-chromium-doped gadolinium scandium gallium garnet has renewed interest in the mecha- nism of nonradiative energy transfer. I The theory, lirst de- veloped by Foerster2 ,3 for the dipole-dipole interaction and Dexter4 for the multipole and exchange interaction, involves the transfer of energy between sites in a crystal through the exchange of a virtual photon, The donors (which transfer the energy) and the acceptors (which accept the energy) are assumed to be randomly distributed through the crystaLS The theory of Foerster-Dexter for nonradiative energy transfer between donors and acceptors has been recently ex- tended to include the nonrandom correlated placement of donors and acceptors on a microscopic scale,6 It was postu- lated that size mismatch between dopant ions and crystal sites could cause an area around a …

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  • January 1, 1989