Can a driving simulator assess the effectiveness of Hazard Perception training in young novice drivers? Academic Article uri icon


  • Hazard awareness skills of young-novice drivers are receptive to training. Yet, there is no consensus on an optimal training program or acceptable measures to assess intervention effectiveness. The current study aimed to develop a driving Simulator based Hazard Perception Test (S-HPT) for assessing changes in awareness of hazards among trained young-novice driver, relative to a control group, and a group of experienced drivers (gold standard). Two urban environments were chosen for testing; residential district with narrow roads, and business district with wider roads. Fourteen scenarios consisting of potential situations known to differentiate between untrained young-novice and experienced drivers (eg, limited field of view) with and without materialized situations were created. Data from 39 young-novice and 6 experienced drivers was analyzed. Using an allocation algorithm …

publication date

  • January 1, 2014