Immunosuppressive acidic protein serum levels in breast cancer patients, in reference to CA 15-3 levels Academic Article uri icon


  • Turor earkers have proved to be qeneraliy useful for diagnosing and sonitoring nalignancy. However, elevation in various bening conditions has been lieited their usefulness in clinical practice. Serum CER, aFP, BHC6, ferritin, CR 19-9 and CR 125 levels uere measured by ELI% ~n lb chrcmic liver disease type B ICLD-El and 20 CLO-C patients and 20 healthy adults. Cutoff level was accepted 1.5 tiles of upper lieit. Serum CER, aFP, BHC6 and ferritin levels showed no significant difference between patients with CLD-B, CLO-C, and control group. CA 19-9 levels were found above the cutoff level in 8 patients rith CLO-8, 6 patients with CLD-C and 1 adult in control group. The frequency of elevated Ch 19-9 in pataents with CLD-B and CLD-C nas higher coepared to control group Lp(O.051. Serum CA 125 levels rerr found above the cutoff level in 10 patients with CLD-8, 5 patients with CLD-C and 1 …

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  • January 1, 1993