Analysis of lasing in COILs with wide aperture of the mirrors in the resonator Conference Paper uri icon


  • Optical extraction efficiency of the COIL is calculated for (transverse) multimode oscillation. The effects of hyperfine and velocity cross-relaxation and changes of the gain and intraresonator intensity in the flow direction are taken into account … Keywords: optical extraction efficiency, chemical oxygen-iodine lasers, stable optical resonator … In order to extract most of the energy stored by O2(1i) in the supersonic chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) the dimension of the aperture of the mirrors in the resonator in the flow direction l should be 3 - 10 cm.1' 2 Lig in resonators with wide aperture has some specific features. In the case of stable or Fabry-Perot resonators many transverse modes oscillate. As a result the power and spatial distribution of the output radiation differ from those for single mode oscillation. These issues are analyzed theoretically in the present paper … 2. CW MULTIMODE LASING IN THE CASE OF STABLE OR …

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  • January 1, 1997