Clozapine: its impact on aggressive behavior among patients in a state psychiatric hospital Academic Article uri icon


  • Clozapine has shown consistent efficacy against positive symptoms of psychoses, and emerging reports indicate improvements in aggression and suicidality. This study evaluated the impact of clozapine aggression in a psychiatric hospital. Over a three year period, 137 subjects with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder received clozapine, of whom nearly 50%(n= 69) experienced seclusions or restraint. Using a mirror-image study design, seclusion and restraint rates were computed per patient-month pre-clozapine and compared during clozapine treatment to a maximum of 12 months in either direction. The rest of the hospital not receiving clozapine served as a comparator group. Stastically significant reductions occurred in both seclusion (0.44±0.46 vs. 0.16±0.32, z=− 3.91, p= 0.0003) and restraint (0.34±0.47 vs. 0.08±0.23, z=− 2.27, p= 0.032) during clozapine treatment as …

publication date

  • January 1, 2002