Probing concentrator solar cell performance at high flux with localized irradiation Academic Article uri icon


  • ABSTRACT The macroscopic parameters that characterize photovoltaic (PV) performance, including their spatial dependence,especially at high flux, are determined with extensive localized solar measurements on high-efficiency concentrator solarcells. We present two studies that explore (a) the impact of nonuniform flux distribution on PV behavior, (b) how PVparameters vary across the cell surface (of particular interest in many high-concentration optical systems) and (c) thesensitivity of PV parameters to the spatial variation of series resistance R s that stems from irregular cell metallization. Inso doing, we identify current-voltage trends unique to strongly inhomogeneous illumination and to R s losses at high flux. 1. Introduction Recent progress in high-efficiency concentrator PV cells 1-3 motivate performance studies at high solar concentration withspecial attention to the sensitivity to flux distribution. Conversion efficiencies approaching 40%, attained only at fluxlevels of several hundred suns or greater, have been realized in III-V multi-junction solar cells

publication date

  • January 1, 2006