RELICS: Discovery of a Probable SN in Galaxy Cluster MACSJ0949. 8+ 1708 Academic Article uri icon


  • Rodney, S.; Bradley, L.; Coe, D.; Strolger, L.; Avila, R.; Ogaz, S.; Riess, A.; Hjorth, J.; Selsing, J.; Christensen, L.; Graham, M.; Kelly, P.; Molino, A.; Jha, S.; Foley, R.; Wang, X.; Zitrin, A.; Sendra, I.; Sharon, K.; Johnson, T.; Paterno-Mahler, R.; Bradac, M.; Hoag, A.; Jones, C.; Andrade-Santos, F.; Umetsu, K.; Czakon, N.; Stark, D.; Mainali, R.; Trenti, M.; Nunez, D. Carrasco; Dawson, W.; Vulcani, B.; Ebeling, H … We report the discovery of a likely supernova (SN) at approximately 1 arcminute from the center of the galaxy cluster MACSJ0949.8+1708 (aka RXC J0949.8+1707, ZwCl 0947.2+1723).

publication date

  • October 1, 2015