Enhanced coherent thermal emission of coupled resonant cavities due to surface phonon-polariton excitation Conference Paper uri icon


  • Abstract: We experimentally show a quasi-monochromatic and directional thermal source with a spatial coherence length in the far-field that is much larger than the predicted limit related to the surface phonon-polariton coherence of a flat surface. ©2007 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: (240.6690) Surface waves; (300.2140) Emission; (050.2770) Gratings; (260.5430) Polarization … 1. Introduction Thermal emission of absorbing materials is affected by surface morphology as well as the excitation of surface waves (surface plasmon-polaritons in metal or surface phonon-polaritons (SPPs) in dielectric) [1,2]. Surface modes yield a long-range spatial coherence length on a scale of the surface wave propagation length which may be much larger than the emitted wavelength [3]. The near-field coherence was transmitted into the far-field by introducing a shallow grating-coupler (h<

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  • January 1, 2007