J/\psi Photo-and DIS Production via Nonlinear Evolution Academic Article uri icon


  • We apply our solution of the nonlinear evolution equation to the case of J/ψ photo and DIS production on nucleons and nuclei targets. The uncertainty in the J/ψ wave function normalization due to Fermi motion is treated as a free parameter. We obtain good reproduction of the HERA experimental data on a proton target. Calculations of J/ψ mesons coherent production on nuclei targets are presented and discussed. Our analysis supports the conclusions reached in our previous studies, stressing the importance of nonlinear evolution in the kinematical domain of high-density QCD. 1) gotsman@ post. tau. ac. il 2) leving@ post. tau. ac. il 3) lublinm@ mail. desy. de 4) maor@ post. tau. ac. il 5) erann@ post. tau. ac. il

publication date

  • February 3, 2003