Turbophoresis in forced inhomogeneous turbulence Academic Article uri icon


  • We show, by direct numerical simulations, that heavy inertial particles (characterized by Stokes number St) in inhomogeneously forced statistically stationary isothermal turbulent flows cluster at the minima of mean-square turbulent velocity. Two turbulent transport processes, turbophoresis and turbulent diffusion together determine the spatial distribution of the particles. If the turbulent diffusivity is assumed to scale with turbulent root-mean-square velocity, as is the case for homogeneous turbulence, the turbophoretic coefficient can be calculated. Indeed, for the above assumption, the non-dimensional product of the turbophoretic coefficient and the rms velocity is shown to increase with St for small St, reach a maxima for St ≈ 10 and decrease as ˜ St^{-0.33} for large St.

publication date

  • February 1, 2018