Placental transfer of hepatitis A antibodies in full term and preterm infants Academic Article uri icon


  • Materials and methods. Subjects. Two hundred fifty healthy, Israeli-born mothers and their newborns, delivered at the Chaim Sheba medical center, Tel Hashomer, Israel, participated in the study. They were divided into 2 groups: the full term group with 147 healthy newborns at 37 weeks of gestation or above (mean±SD 39±1.7 weeks gestation; birth weight 3160±572 g), and the preterm group (n= 103) with a gestational age of< 35 weeks (mean±SD 32±1.8 weeks; birth weight 1626±352 g).(Infants of 36 weeks gestation were not included in the study.) The mean age of the mothers tended to be higher in the preterm group but the difference did not reach statistical significance (mean±SD 28.7±0.9 and 31.2±1.2 years in the full term and preterm groups, respectively). Fifty-three percent of the preterm group were primigravidas, but in only 35.2% of the full term group was the infant …

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  • February 1, 1997