Lipid-modulated pharmacophore nanorods assembled at the air/water interface Academic Article uri icon


  • Nanofibers and nanorods have been encountered in natural biological systems, primarily amyloid peptides and proteins,[1–6] but have been also produced through diverse synthetic routes employing metals and semiconductors,[7, 8] organic [9, 10] and inorganic substances.[11] In general, two fundamental aspects govern nanostructure formation and morphology. First, specific molecules exhibiting distinct structural features or organization properties need to be distinguished or synthesized. Second, nanostructures typically form in appropriate physico-chemical environments which facilitate assembly of the molecular building blocks into distinct configurations. Nanofibers comprising biomimetic molecules, in particular, have attracted growing interest due to the diverse structural features and design parameters that can be borrowed from the realm of biology.[12] We describe here the …

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  • January 1, 2009