Contemporaneous migmitization and granite emplacement during regional metamorphism: Evidence for mid-crustal contribution to the batholiths of the Arabian-Nub... Academic Article uri icon


  • Collision-related granitoid batholiths, like those of the Hercynian and Himalayan orogens, are mostly fed by magma derived from meta-sedimentary sources. However, in the late Neoproterozoic calc-alkaline batholiths of the Arabian Nubian Shield (ANS), which constitutes the northern half of the East African orogen, sedimentary contribution is obscured by the juvenile character of the crust and the scarcity of migmatites. Here we use paired in- situ measurements of U-Th-Pb isotope ratios and REE contents of monazite and xenotime by LASS to demonstrate direct linkage between granites and migmatites in the northernmost ANS. Our results indicate a single prolonged period of monazite growth, 640-600 Ma, in metapelites, migmatites and peraluminous granites of the Abu-Barqa (SW Jordan), Roded (S Israel) and Taba-Nuweiba (Sinai, Egypt) metamorphic suites. Distribution of monazite …

publication date

  • December 1, 2017