Modeling human interactions: facets of algorithmic game theory and computational social choice Conference Paper uri icon


  • Modeling human activities and interactions—especially when participants exhibit rational behavior—has long been a research goal in economics, mathematics (specifically, game theory), and computer science. In computer science, this was initially framed in the classical sense of artificial intelligence (AI), in which attempts were made to mimic human behavior. However, in the past 20 years, especially since the advent of the World Wide Web and the explosion in the number of people interacting using various computing systems, research in the field has expanded dramatically. In particular, there is a significant and growing interest in the types of interactions commonly seen on the web:• Auctions: Auction-like mechanisms are at the heart of the ad-generated profit model powering most websites, as the major ad- selling networks perform virtual auctions to sell ad space. Furthermore, auctions model …

publication date

  • May 5, 2014