Time-Dependent Tilted Pulsed-Beams and Their Properties Academic Article uri icon


  • Novel time-dependent wavepacket equation and its pulsed field solutions are obtained by utilizing a non-orthogonal coordinate system which is a priori matched to the field's planar linearly-delayed pulsed localized aperture distributions. These waveobjects that serve as the building blocks for various time-dependent beam-expansion schemes, are termed tilted pulsed-beams. Iso-axial pulsed-beams are parameterized in term of beam-widths, waist-locations, collimation-lengths, wave-front radii of curvature, and other features. Emphasis is placed on a direct time-domain derivation. A numerical example is presented in which the enhanced accuracy of the tilted pulsed-beams over the conventional (orthogonal coordinates) ones in the well-collimated zone is demonstrated.

publication date

  • August 8, 2011