Bilingual Hebrew-English generation of possessives and partitives: Raising the input abstraction level Conference Paper uri icon


  • We present a contrastive analysis of the syntactic realizations of possessives and partitives in Hebrew and English and conclude by presenting an input specification for complex NPs which is slightly more abstract than the one used in SURGE. We define two main features-< i> possessor and< i> ref-set and discuss how the grammar handles complex syntactic co- occurrence phenomena based on this input. We conclude by evaluating how the resulting input specification language is appropriate for both languages. Syntactic realization grammars have traditionally attempted to accept inputs with the highest possible level of abstraction, in order to facilitate the work of the components (sentence planner) preparing the input. Recently, the search for higher abstraction has been, however, challenged (Elhadad and Robin, 1996)(Lavoie and Rambow, 1997)(Busemann and Horacek, 1998) …

publication date

  • June 20, 1999