Occupation statistics of a bose-einstein condensate for a driven landau-zener crossing Academic Article uri icon


  • We consider an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate loaded in a biased double-well trap with tunneling rate $K$ and interatomic interaction $U$. The Bose-Einstein condensate is prepared such that all $N$ atoms are in the left well. We drive the system by sweeping the potential difference $\mathcal{E}$ between the two wells. Depending on the interaction $u=NU/K$ and the sweep rate $\stackrel{\ifmmode \dot{}\else \textperiodcentered \fi{}}{\mathcal{E}}$, we distinguish three dynamical regimes: adiabatic, diabatic, and sudden and consider the occupation statistics of the final state. The analysis goes beyond mean-field theory and is complemented by a semiclassical picture.

publication date

  • January 1, 2009