An Analytical Technique of Transient Phase-Change Material Melting Calculation for Cylindrical and Tubular Containers Academic Article uri icon


  • In this study, an analytical model for a class of heat storage that utilizes latent heat of a phase-change material (PCM) is developed. Two basic shell-and-tube configurations are considered, one in which the PCM melts inside the tubes while the heat transfer fluid (HTF) flows in the shell along it, and the other in which HTF flows inside the tubes while PCM melts outside. A system of partial differential equations, which describes heat transfer and melting of the PCM and heat transfer in the HTF, is derived with some simplifying assumptions, while still capturing and preserving the essential features of the processes involved. These equations are solved analytically, yielding the overall heat exchange parameters, like instantaneous heat transfer rate, stored energy, and overall operation time of the system. The present work shows that the use of the proposed analytical technique and its …

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  • January 1, 2018