The Formation of the Planetary Sequence in a Gravitating Disk of Planetesimals Conference Paper uri icon


  • Planetary formation is thought to start with dust particle settling to the central plane of a rotating nebula to form a thin dust layer. During the early evolution of such a rotationally flattened disk it is believed that the dust particles coagulate into numerous kilometer-sized rocky planetesimals. In this investigation we use the Boltzmann kinetic and Poisson equations to study the evolution of the self-gravitating disk of randomly colliding planetesimals. We examine the possibility of obtaining the law of planetary distances on the basis of the concept of gravitational Jeans-type instability in sufficiently flat rapidly rotating systems (cf. Lin and Shu's idea which already led to promising results in the problem of the origin of spiral structure of galaxies). It is shown that as a result of an almost aperiodic Jeans instability of small-amplitude gravity disturbances the disk is subdivided into numerous …

publication date

  • May 1, 2002