The Development of Mother-Child Health Centers in Israel 1918-1948/הסתדרויות נשים למען אימהות בארץ-ישראל: פעילותן של" הדסה"," הסתדרות נשים עבריות" ו" ויצ" ו" להקמת ת... Academic Article uri icon


  • Health services for mothers and children are an important part of the social welfare system in Israel. Israel operates a national network of Mother-Child Health Centers that provide health consultation and vaccinations for a nominal fee within the framework of the National Health Insurance system. Insurance of New Mothers was legislated only fifty years ago. However, a Fund for the Financial Support of New Mothers and Mother-Child Health Centers began to operate in the Jewish community in Palestine much earlier-over a hundred years ago, when the country was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. In 1854, the Baroness Mathild de Rothschild of France announced her support for the establishment of health services and a fund for mothers and babies in Jerusalem. The Rothschild initiative was prompted by an extremely high mortality rate among mothers and children. At the beginning of the …

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  • March 1, 1998