Human-robot collaboration for agricultural robot guidance. Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract: Integrating a human-operator (HO) into a robotic system can help improve performance and reduce system complexity. This work proposes and evaluates four different strategies for human-robot collaboration in off-road guidance. Two different guidance methods were tested: directional guidance and way-point guidance. For each guidance method a Human Operator (HO) strategy and a HO-Robot collaboration (HO-Rr) strategy was tested. Experiments were conducted to compare the performance of each strategy. Results indicated that for directional guidance, the HO-Rr strategy increases the time required to fulfill the task, and requires more time per operation as compared to the HO strategy. For way-point guidance, HO-Rr strategy significantly reduces the required time, the number of null and net operations issued by the HO.

publication date

  • January 1, 2000