Dynamics of Particles Advected by Fast Rotating Turbulent Fluid Flow: Fluctuations and Large-Scale Structures Academic Article uri icon


  • Dynamics of particles advected by fast rotating incompressible turbulent fluid flow is studied. Fast rotation and particle inertia imply the divergent particle velocity field and result in both intermittency in spatial distribution of particles and formation of the large-scale inhomogeneous structures. A nonzero mean helicity of fluid flow causes an additional mean nondiffusive turbulent flux of inertial particles. Intermittency in the systems with and without external pumping is studied. Fast rotation causes anomalous scaling already in the second moment of inertial particle number density and may result in excitation of a small-scale instability of inertial particle distribution, which leads to the formation of small-scale particle clusters. We discuss the relevance of our results for atmospheric, astrophysical, and industrial turbulent rotating flows.

publication date

  • October 5, 1998