Gravitational theory without the cosmological constant problem Academic Article uri icon


  • We develop a gravitational theory where the measure of integration in the action principle is not necessarily but it is determined dynamically through additional degrees of freedom. This theory is based on the demand that such measure respects the principle of "non-gravitating vacuum energy" which states that the Lagrangian density L can be changed to L + const. without affecting the dynamics. Formulating the theory in the first-order formalism we get as a consequence of the variational principle a constraint that enforces the vanishing of the cosmological constant. The most realistic model that implements these ideas is realized in a six or higher dimensional space–time. The compactification of extra dimensions into a sphere gives the possibility of generating scalar masses and potentials, gauge fields and fermionic masses. It turns out that the remaining four-dimensional space–time must have effective zero cosmological constant.

publication date

  • January 1, 1997