Press Advertising in Egypt: Business Realities and Local Meaning, 1882-1956 Academic Article uri icon


  • Advertising was not unknown in mid-nineteenth century Egypt. The tradi tional mediator (dallal) would announce the arrival of new commodities in the market and introduce buyers to sellers. Traditional silhouette theater {'aragoz) was also used to promote the sale of goods. The advent of advertising in the press, however, brought commerce into the public sphere in an entirely new way. After 1882, and especially during the 1890s, Egyptian print journalism grew by leaps and bounds, corresponding to an impressive economic boom as Egypt became heavily integrated into the world economy. During this period, advertising, though still limited in scope and aimed at a small group of consumers, first developed into a business. Beginning after World War I and lasting until around 1956, the Egyptian press under went major developments, especially the introduction of illustrated magazines, and …

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  • January 1, 2002