Predicting injury from falls in older adults: comparison of voluntary step reaction times in injured and noninjured fallers--a prospective study Academic Article uri icon


  • DISCUSSION The finding that fatigue was associated with greater mortality over 8 years in this age-homogenous cohort corroborates results of Hardy and Studenski. Furthermore, the hazard ratio for tiredness in the model was of similar magnitude to the one in their study (1.52 vs 1.44). In addition to mortality, the findings of the current study extend the negative sphere of influence of fatigue to include subsequent decline in functional status (whether dependence or difficulty in performance) and activity level (whether physical activity or frequency of leaving the house). Maintaining function and activity are central to successful aging, and identifying a negative association with prior fatigue is of importance. First, these findings suggest potential lines of research aimed at understanding the mechanism underlying the increased mortality. Second, these findings emphasize the importance of …

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  • January 1, 2009