The Aging Population During Emergencies: A Vulnerable Population or a Community Resource? Academic Article uri icon


  • Study/Objective: To evaluate the use of, and experiences with a 'one-stop-shop'website for information and referral for bereaved people following an air crash disaster. Background: On July 17, 2014 the disaster of Flight MH17 (Malaysia Airlines) took place above Eastern Ukraine. None of the 298 passengers and crew survived the flight, of which 196 were of Dutch nationality. Within 26 hours, an Information and Referral Center (IRC) was set up. Methods: A total of 128 bereaved persons filled out a questionnaire, and 22 bereaved persons joined in to 5 focus groups to discuss their experiences. In addition, data was gathered via a popup questionnaire on the IRC itself, as well as statistics of website use. Finally, in a series of 16 interviews, representatives from all the agencies involved with the IRC, were asked about their expectations and experiences in the development of the IRC …

publication date

  • January 1, 2017