Bacteriocin expression in sessile and planktonic populations of Escherichia coli Academic Article uri icon


  • MATERIALS AND METHODS Bacterial strains and plasmids All experiments were performed with E. coli strain BZB1011. 13 Two plasmids, pSC303 6 and pBR-ColE7 (colicin E7 operon fused to pBR322; see below), were purified using the AccuPrep Plasmid Extraction Kit (BioNeer, Seoul, South Korea) and transformed into E. coli strain BZB1011. 13 Transformants were selected on the basis of antibiotic resistance and confirmed by sequencing. Plasmid construction Colicin E7 immunity protein was shown to mediate a site- specific cleavage of its own mRNA inhibiting the colicin and lysis activities when induction was limited. 14 Due to the autoinducing nature of colicins, we monitored expression in cells carrying the colicin operon and reporter vehicles. To that end, we ligated the colicin operon (including the promoter site) to pBR322 and formed pBR-ColE7 plasmid. In addition …

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  • July 2, 2014