The effect of temperature on seed germination in three common bulbous plants of different habitats in the Central Negev Desert of Israel Academic Article uri icon


  • Bellevalia desertorum the most thermophilous species, germinated better and faster than the other species in all test temperatures. The least thermophilous, Tulipa systola, germinated very poorly in 20 and 25°C, while the intermediate B. eigii did very poorly in 25°C. Germination rates correlated with the maximum soil temperatures in the top 2 cm layer of the soil, and with the rate of drying of this soil layer in their respective habitats, measured 1 wk after rainfall. High winter temperatures on S-facing slopes, B. desertorum's habitat, and the associated rapid desiccation of the soil crust, may exclude T. systola and B. eigii from this habitat. However, low temperature is not a dominant factor causing the absence of B. desertorum of B. eigii from the coolest habitat, inhabited only by T. systola. -from Authors

publication date

  • January 1, 1990