WHO WILL ENSURE THE HEALTH OF THE YISHUV? THE WORKERS'SICK FUNDS DURING WORLD WAR I/מי יבטיח את בריאות היישוב? קופות החולים לפועלים במלחמת... Academic Article uri icon


  • The Workers' Sick Funds during World War I The first workers' sick fund was founded in December 1911 during the second convention of the'Judea Agricultural Workers Organization'in Petah Tikva. Between 1912 and 1918 three similar workers' sick funds were established by regional workers' organizations: the'Judea Workers' Sick Fund', the'Samaria Workers' Sick Fund', and the'Galilee Workers' Sick Fund'. Infirmaries staffed by nurses were soon opened in almost every village. Hospitalization services were provided by the'Sha'ar Zion Community Hospital'in Jaffa. Both the ideology and the events in Eretz Israel during World War I led to the growth and transformation of the three district workers' sick funds from local mutual health insurance organizations into Kupat Ḥolim, a central factor in Israel's health-care system.

publication date

  • December 1, 1994