New Critical Divergences in the Heat Conductivity in the Presence of a Temperature Gradient Academic Article uri icon


  • Ehud Meron and Itamar Procaccia DePartment of Ckemical Physics, Weismann Institute of Science, Rekovot 76100, Israel (geceived 28 March1983) New effects in heat-conducting nonequilibrium fluids near critical points are predicted theoretically: The heat conductivity gains a new divergent contribution and the heat dif- fusivity becomes strongly nonisotropic. PAGS numbers: 05.70.Jk, 05.70.Ln, 44.10.+i … A.' &B T ABC, IV Tl' + + Cp 6&qg 32') ~y„'"k ' … A' B T 3k 8 C~ i V7" j — + '-+ 1+6~ C~ 6tr66 646'1„"6' )' … Equilibrium critical phenomena are essentially well understood. The renormalization-group … Z-„=X'+&,C, T /6~q&+ 0,C,'I VT I '/32''y, "~' … A. k - kg CqT/6&q), k$ «1, where 4 &, T, and g are the Boltzmann constant, temperature, and shear viscosity, respectively. The main new predictions presented here are these: When the fluid is subjected to a tempera- ture gradient, the heat conductivity gains an im- portant new term …

publication date

  • July 4, 1983