Outcomes of Naltrexone Maintenance Following Ultra Rapid Opiate Detoxification Versus Intensive Inpatient Detoxification Academic Article uri icon


  • Relapse rates of 30 opiate-addicted social service clients who were given a 9-month course of naltrexone after being rapidly detoxified using naltrexone + clonidine under anesthesia were compared to 33 similar clients detoxified in a 30-day intensive inpatient detoxification but not given naltrexone. Both groups had the same counseling aftercare. Telephone follow-up of 26 of the intensive inpatient detoxification clients and 24 of the rapidly detoxified clients found no significant differences (p = .62) in relapse rates, with 34% of respondents returning to regular opiate use 13.4 (+/- 3.8) months after detoxification. Naltrexone maintenance and counseling following rapid detoxification may be as effective as intensive inpatient detoxification and counseling.

publication date

  • February 18, 2010