Reconstruction of objects above and below the objective focal plane with dimensional fidelity by FINCH fluorescence microscopy Academic Article uri icon


  • Fresnel Incoherent Correlation Holography (FINCH) can faithfully reproduce objects above and below the optical plane of focus. However, as in optical imaging, the transverse magnification and optimal reconstruction depth changes based on the longitudinal distance of objects from the focal plane of the input lens with the exception that objects above and below the focal plane are in focus with FINCH and out of focus by standard optical imaging. We have analyzed these effects both theoretically and experimentally for two configurations of a FINCH fluorescence microscopy system. This information has been used to reconstruct a test planar object placed above or below the optical plane of focus with high dimensional and image fidelity. Because FINCH is inherently a super-resolving system, this advance makes it possible to create super-resolved 3D images from FINCH holograms.

publication date

  • January 1, 2012