Prevalence of history of childhood sexual abuse in consecutive hospital admissions of women with psychotic diagnosis in Israel: a preliminary report Academic Article uri icon


  • Letter to the Editor 319 studies [6, 16]. Almost half of the women reporting sexual abuse were over age 40 on admission, suggesting that CSA is not a new phenomenon in Israel. All 28 patients who reported CSA at admission repeated the same history at discharge, refuting the concept that such histories are usually a product of psychosis. This is similar to the findings of Goodman et al.[17]. However, we were unable to obtain collateral evidence from family members or possible witnesses because of patient objections to such proposed efforts. The patients did not all come from severely disturbed homes and only about a third had a family history of psychiatric disorder. While almost all were victims of unwanted intercourse, attempted intercourse or genital contact (table 1), in half of the cases this took place after age 13 and could be termed 'adolescent sexual abuse'. We used the …

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  • January 1, 2012