Model of ground state in electron-doped Ca1-xSmxMnO3 (0 < x <= 0.20) manganites and ferromagnetic resonance probing of "spontaneous ferromagnetism" in Ca0.8Sm0.2MnO3 Academic Article uri icon


  • The model of magnetoimpurity states in an antiferromagnet (AF) by De Gennes is suggested to explain magnetic properties and mixed ground state in the electron-doped manganites Ca 1− x Sm x MnO 3 (0< x⩽ 0.2). The model predicts that an AF phase of Ca 1− x Sm x MnO 3 is a nonhomogeneous one with strong spatial fluctuations of the magnetic order parameters at a given temperature. The experimental electron paramagnetic and ferromagnetic resonance study performed for the x= 0.2 compound reasonably accords with this model. In particular, two new temperature scales revealed in the experiment are naturally explained.

publication date

  • January 1, 2003