Phases’ characteristics of poultry litter hydrothermal carbonization under a range of process parameters Academic Article uri icon


  • Abstract The aim of this work was to study the hydrothermal carbonization of poultry litter under a range of process parameters. Experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of HTC of poultry litter under a range of operational parameters (temperature, reaction time, and solids concentration) on the formation and characteristics of its phases. Results showed production of a hydrochar with caloric value of 24.4 MJ/kg, similar to sub-bituminous coal. The gaseous phase consisted mainly of CO 2 . However, significant amounts of H 2 S dictate the need for (further) treatment. The process also produced an aqueous phase with chemical characteristics suggesting its possible use as a liquid fertilizer. Temperature had the most significant effect on processes and product formation. Solids concentration was not a significant factor once dilution effects were considered.

publication date

  • January 1, 2016