RELICS: A Candidate Galaxy Arc at z~ 10 and Other Brightly Lensed z> 6 Galaxies Conference Paper uri icon


  • Massive foreground galaxy clusters magnify and distort the light of objects behind them, permitting a view into both the extremely distant and intrinsically faint galaxy populations. We present here some of the most brightly lensed z> 6 galaxy candidates known from the Reionization Lensing Cluster Survey (RELICS) and the discovery of a particularly fortuitous z~ 10 galaxy candidate which has been arced by the effects of strong gravitational lensing. The z~ 10 candidate has a lensed H-band magnitude of 25.8 AB mag and a high lensing magnification (~ 4-7). The inferred upper limits on the stellar mass (log [M_star/M_Sun]= 9.5) and star formation rate (log [SFR/(M_Sun/yr)]= 1.5) indicate that this candidate is a typical star-forming galaxy on the z> 6 SFR-M_star relation. We rule out the only low-z solution as unphysical based on the required stellar mass, dust attenuation, size, and [OIII] EW …

publication date

  • January 1, 2018