Effects of Turbulence Models on Self-Organization Processes in Solar Convection Conference Paper uri icon


  • Realistic MHD numerical simulations of subsurface flows and magnetic structures have become achievable because of the development of fast supercomputer systems and efficient parallel computer codes. The dynamics of the subsurface layer is particularly critical for understanding the self-organization processes of magnetoconvection on different scales. Realistic simulations of solar convection in the presence of magnetic fields reveal very interesting dynamics and reproduce several phenomena observed in solar active regions.``SolarBox'', a 3-D real-gas radiative MHD code developed at NASA Ames, was used for our simulations. Because both the Reynolds and magnetic Reynolds numbers are extremely high, research into subgrid modeling of MHD in the solar context is essential, and an important feature of this code is the implementation of various subgrid-scale LES …

publication date

  • October 1, 2011