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  • Since their discovery (or one might rather call “first synthesis”) approximately 10 years ago, carbon quantum dots (first identified as “carbon nanoparticles”, but later adopted the term “Carbon-Dots”, evoking similarities to the widely studied inorganic “quantum dots”) and their structurally related cousins graphene quantum dots (abbreviated “GQDs”) have attracted significant and growing interest in both scientific and technology circles. This interest, also reflected by the almost exponential growth of scientific articles published on the subject (Fig. 1.1, for example, depicts the number of scientific publications having “carbon-dots” mentioned in the title), stems primarily from the unique physical properties of Carbon-Dots, particularly their luminescent properties. Carbon-Dots, similar to inorganic fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles (commonly known as “quantum dots” or “Qdots”), exhibit …

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  • January 1, 2017