The usefulness of preoperative biopsy in unilateral nasal masses Academic Article uri icon


  • Unilateral nasal masses are considered suspicious for proliferative diseases. Several tools are routinely used to investigate unilateral lesions such as imaging and nasal biopsy. This study investigated the usefulness of nasal biopsy in predicting the actual nature of unilateral lesions. Preoperative nasal biopsy pathological results were compared with the final pathology obtained during an operation. Forty-six patients with unilateral nasal masses were included in the study group. In 40 patients the final pathology was similar to the preoperative nasal biopsy. In three patients the biopsy specimen was a benign polyp and the final pathology was of an inverted papilloma in two patients and hemangiopericytoma in one patient. In two patients the biopsy specimen was suspicious for an inverted papilloma and the final pathology was a benign polyp. In one patient the biopsy specimen was chordoma and the final pathology was osteosarcoma. The total agreement was 86.9%. The kappa value was 81.2%. Preoperative nasal biopsy is important and useful in evaluating unilateral nasal masses.

publication date

  • March 28, 2014