Constraining the Mass of the Spectacular Pandora's Cluster, Abell 2744 Academic Article uri icon


  • Violent cluster mergers provide a unique opportunity to study the interplay between dark matter (DM) and ICM and to set constraints on the nature of DM. In particular, cluster mergers near first core passage allow us to``see''DM by comparing the spatial distribution of the intra-cluster gas (baryonic) to that of DM. We have recently finished a lensing analysis of the particularly interesting merging system, A2744, the Pandora cluster. We found that it is the result of a spectacular merging event, significantly more complex than the" Bullet Cluster", that produced a wide variety of new phenomenologies, among them, a Bullet, a Dark sub-cluster (no gas), a Ghost sub-cluster (no DM), which can provide fundamental insights to the physics of the ICM, and begs further observations. Our analyses revealed 34 arcs produced by strong gravitational lensing, none of which had been published to date …

publication date

  • August 1, 2011