An updated study of B meson oscillations using dilepton events Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper reports a study of B meson oscillations using hadronic Z(0) decays with two identified leptons, and updates a previous publication by including data collected in 1994. Decay times are reconstructed for each of the semileptonic B decays by forming vertices which include the lepton and by estimating the B meson momentum. The mass difference, Delta m(d), between the two mass eigenstates in the B-d(0) system is measured to be 0.430 +/- 0.043 (+0.028)(-0.030) ps(-1), where the first error is statistical and the second error is systematic. For the B-s(0) system, a lower limit of Delta m(s) > 2.2 ps(-1) is obtained at 95% C.L.


publication date

  • January 1, 1997